BR: The Sky Is Everywhere

《All I can do is love Bailey, and love the world, emulate her by living with daring and spirit and joy.》 | Lennie Walker🍂 My lil sis had read this book before me (a once in a time thingy) and she had pretty much told me everything about this book. She told me, “There’s this […]

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A Break From Materialistic Life

There was a time when we dreamt of holidays during the hectic busy routine of our daily lives. Those were the days where the only worries were of looking the absolute best, having the latest model or designs of your car, watches or wardrobe. Where happiness meant making others envy of you, receiving hundreds of […]

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BR: Wuthering Heights

Let’s imagine you have a lover. You both love each other. But they marry another person entirely. What would you do? .Well hopefully you don’t do what here our main character, Mr. Heathcliff, did. Wuthering Heights, like other most classics, revolve around Male dominance & the ‘classes’ of society as well as love following revenge […]

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Letter from the non-welcomed

Dear world, How wonderful it is to see all of humanity united as one. Washing hands more often than usual, paranoid on slightest of coughing or sneezing nearby, and talking about nothing but me. It is such an irony that humans about to land on Mars, find their feet on ground chained. Yet it’s beautiful […]

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BR: Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

Okay, so I know majority out there dislikes the Twilight saga, tagging it with a stupid plot, silly characters, etc. While I do agree with them, I also can’t deny that these novels taught us something too. For starters don’t be like Bella Swan, ever. I also love the way, Stephenie Meyer describes teeny details […]

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BR: Deception Point by Dan Brown

In this stand-alone book, Brown takes us all the way to Arctic, where NASA have discovered extraterrestrial life proofs on a meteorite under the Milne Ice Shelf, and elections are approaching in Washington. President Henry, a great supporter of NASA is struggling in his campaign as opposition candidate, Senator Sexton, rises to the top by […]

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